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David Alev
developer, facilitator, coach



Youa re a few steps away from acquiring the consulting skills necessary to survive and thrive  in information technology development or implementation projects

  • producing quality work under pressure,

  • keeping project managers and clients happy and

  • maintaining client relationships.

Learn how to:
  • deal with dynamic targets,

  • set and manage expectations,

  • communicate effectively with your team and your clients and:

  • make your life on projects easier.

Get immediate help from the free articles on consulting skills and techniques, and free distance coaching . . .

you can use right away. ProjectProjects need not be a puzzle. work does not need to be a puzzle. Enhance your technology expertise with consulting skills . . .

Why learn on the job when you can get insights from people who have been there before?
Free Articleswith advice, solutions to common problems and general client service / consulting tips and techniques. Current favorites:
On-site workshops to help you: Consulting skills training
  Understand your client,
  Avoid delays,
  Feel confident with estimates and commitments,
  Hold productive meetings,
  Transfer knowledge without getting bogged down,
  Overcome resistance and inertia,
  Increase the chances of getting your work approved,
  Influence your client,
  Learn the 5 magic words clients want to hear and:


  Avoid the 10 phrases that invariably alienate our clients
  plus many other tips you can use right away.
Click for the "Art and Science of Consulting" workshop


On-site group coaching, workshops, seminarsBrazos Consulting also offers group presentations and workshops in many forms: Lunch meetings, keynote presentations, one or two day on-site workshops and teleconferencing sessions.

What the larger consulting organizations offer their staff is now available to you, too.

View a description of our services designed to help you and your organization get the most from your project services resources.


The Consulting Academy on the web is hosted by Brazos Consulting (more) and moderated by David Alev (more) for the purpose of creating an open discussion area where individuals help each other, leading to a successful professional life. We specialize in enabling and training project team members in consulting skills. We do it over on-site classes and live, web-based sessions.

Brazos Consulting can be reached at: 

Telephone: (281) 970 1953 F
Electronic mail: inf XXX consultingacademy DOT com  (Replace XXX with @ and DOT with a dot)



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Quick Reads: Consulting Perspective   Occasional comments on daily events and how they teach us a thing or two about consulting and the skills involved.
Quantum Physics and Consulting

Office Politics: Avoiding the Quicksand  article by Robyn Porterfield Bob Rose, author and industrial psychologist. 

Recent feedback from our workshops:

"A unique course that
greatly increases the value
we provide to our clients
and . . . to our employees."

Rodney Ray, Director of Training, Iconixx
(see actual letter)

"Wonderful primer on important tools you need to survive and thrive in consulting"
S.L., consultant

Prepares you to handle unexpected situations.

M.Z., Sr. Tech. Specialist

"Excellent class for anyone new to consulting. It will give you valuable "real world" techniques.
M.M., Sr. Interface Designer

"Enjoyed the role playing and class interaction."
T.M., consultant

Good fundamental consulting techniques. Great instructor and 
course topics."

X.C. Sr. Consultant

"Interesting, well organized.
Something for even seasoned consultants."

R.T, Supervising consultant


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